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Swix Pro Top Speed Black Wax

Swix Pro Top Speed Black Wax. Swix PRO Top Speed Black (TSB) waxes are gliders for competition that work exceptionally well on dirty snow and dry friction conditions. The TSB line is a bit harder than the standard Top Speed line with excellent durability thanks to a solid black lubricant that reduces friction in cold conditions and contaminated snow. TSB can be used as a race wax alone but is often used as a base for top coats. *Equivalent to HFBWX (Black Wolf) race wax.

  • TS7 -2°C to -8°C / 18F - 28F 60g
  • TS8 -4°C to +4°C / 25F - 39F 60g
  • TS10 0°C to +10°C / 32F - 50F 60g

Category: Swix Wax

Type: Ski & Snowboard Wax

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