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Swix Pro Top Speed Liquid Wax

Swix Pro Top Speed (TS) liquid glide waxes are a world cup level, non-fluoro race day solution that is not only easy to apply but often outperforms ironed in glide waxes. Best applied when the temperature is above 10°C (50°F) and allowed to dry completely. Finish by polishing with a soft nylon brush. No ironing or scraping necessary. The clever bag on valve spray bottle keeps the propellent separate from the wax, which makes for a healthier waxing environment and a shorter cure time. The lower limit for performance is about down to minus 12°C (10°F). Below this point liquids are normally outperformed by traditional paraffin waxes. For distance races durability can be increased by use of a harder ironed in paraffin.

  • TS8 liquid is best in temperatures -4°C to +4°C (25°F to 39°F)
  • 50ml spray bottle
  • Extremely versatile wax on both sides of the freezing point with exceptional feedback from racing
  • It performs in older snow below freezing, new falling snow above and everything between
  • Elite level performance and completely fluoro-free
  • TS7 -2°C to -8°C / 18F - 28F 60g
  • TS8 -4°C to +4°C / 25F - 39F 60g

Category: Swix Wax

Type: Ski & Snowboard Wax

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