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Swix High Speed Pro Wax

Swix High Speed Pro Wax. Part of the Swix Pro High Speed line, which incorporates the latest innovations and wax technology to take performance to the next level. Standard tempurature based Hydrocarbon waxes that are flouro free.

  • HS5 -8°C to -14°C / 7F -  18F 60g
  • HS6 -5°C to -10°C / 14F -  23F 60g
  • HS7 -2°C to -8°C / 18F - 28F 60g
  • HS8 -4°C to +4°C / 25F - 39F 60g
  • HS10 0°C to +10°C / 32F - 50F 60g

Category: Swix Wax

Type: Ski & Snowboard Wax

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