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Mountain Flow Wax Brush

Mountain Flow Wax Brass Brush. Wax Brushes are the most underrated tools in waxing + tuning. Brushes can help prep skis + snowboards to efficiently receive wax and they also help remove excess wax that is left on the base after scraping. Also, they're really fun to use and there is a zen essence in diligently brushing out a pair of skis. Namaste!

  • Brass Brush, Prep - prepare the bases before applying a fresh coat of the wax. Removes old wax and dirt.
  • Nylon Brush, Finish - use after scraping to remove excess wax and expose the base structure.
  • Horsehair Brush, Polish - polishes the base. Adds a nice shine and removes any lingering wax particles and static charge that might impede the glide.

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