Jones Twin Sister

Jones Twin Sister. The board for women who like to dance down the mountain and shred the most playful path possible. Traction Tech 2.0 keeps the Twin Sister locks in every turn while the Cam Rock profile floats through deep pow and pops off terrain features. Women looking for a stable and high-performance board that’s easy to rally anywhere want the Twin Sister. New for 2020, the Twin Sister is built with a 100% FSC core has been specially profiled between the feet for added pop. 

  • Directional Twin Shape
  • Twin Flex Pattern
  • Sintered 7000 Base
  • FSC Mountain Core
  • Triax Fiberglass
  • Recycled ABS Sidewalls
  • Flex: 7/10 
  • Oversized Recycled Edges
  • Eco Plastic Topsheet