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Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP

 Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP. This all-mountain machine is built to shred it all. Versatile, fun, and playful this is an excellent daily-driver in any conditoin.

  • CAMBER: Lib Tech's C2 Profile
  • SHAPE: True Twin
  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold/Paulownia
  • FLEX: 6.5/10
  • LAMINATES/CONSTRUCTION: Tri-ax/Bi-ax Fiberglass, Basalt Alloy, Aspen/Columbian Gold/Paulownia
  • SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION: Birch Internal Construction, UMHW Sintered Sidewalls, UMHW Tip/Tail Deflection
  • BASE: Sintered
  • TOPSHEET: Eco-Sublimated Bio Beans

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