Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP 2017

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The Lib Tech Skunk Ape, with the added awesomeness of Horse Power. The old saying goes something like "theres someone out there for everyone," and we believe the same ideal should be carried into snowboarding as well. This all-mountain ripper is built for those guys who are bigger than the competition, and beefy enough to take the abuse that charging hard dishes out. Horse Power contruction make the Skunk Ape lighter, snappier, and more enviromentally friendly.

  • Handmade in the USA

C2 BTX Camber Profile - Hybrid Camber
MTX Magna-Traction for Enhanced Edge Hold
SHAPE: Directional Twin
CORE: Aspen / Polonia / Columbian Gold - Lightweight, Strong and Snappy.
FLEX: 7 / 10 - Medium/Stiff
LAMINATES: Bi-ax 0' and 90'
SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION: UMHW Sintered Sidewalls + Birch Power Internal Sidewalls
BASE: Die-Cut, Eco-Sub TnT Dual Layered Flouro. Low Maintenance, High Speeds.
TOPSHEET: Eco-Sublimination PBT Top Sheet - Water Based Graphic uses no toxic solvents
EnviroMENTAL Construction - World Most EnvironMENTAL Snowboard Factory

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