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Hovland Snowskate

Hovland Snowskates. All snowskates include a surf style coil leash with carabiner

Ram. Hovland redesigned the Ram’s sub-deck this season. It’s wider and more stable than ever, but they also made it softer so it’s super poppy. The Ram is Hovland's most versatile snowskate made to rally the whole mountain from the park, to groomers, to shallow pow.

  • The most versitile, all mountian or park
  • 105 cm Subdeck
  • Large Top Deck 9.35" x 35.5"

Buckshot. A true all-mountain shred stick. It handles everything from ice, to groomers, to a couple feet of pow. If you’re not super park focused, and want to be able to skate your whole mountain, this is the snowskate you’re looking for.

  • All mountain shredder
  • 126 cm Subdeck
  • Large Top Deck 9.35" x 35.5"

Five-Oh. Hovland redesigned the Five-Oh’s sub-deck this season making it super easy to carve at all speeds. It’s also way softer and more poppy than ever. This skate is made for flip tricks, jumps, rails, ramps and boxes in the park, but will get you around the mountain as well.

  • Skate Style Park 
  • 92 cm Subdeck
  • Large Top Deck 9.35" x 35.5"

Bubba. New this season and Hovland's first powskate. Since Hovland started  they wanted to make a snowskate that could handle the deepest powder days. After making various prototypes they dialed it in with the Bubba.

  • Big Mountain Pow Shredder
  • Large Top 9.5” x 36”
  • 151 cm long Subdeck


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