GNU Head Space C3



GNU Head Space C3. From the perspective shifting mind of Forest Bailey, the Head Space C3 is forest's asymmetric answer for jibbing everything and jumping off whatever. The asymmetric shape means the toe and heel edge feel more ergonomic and intuitive than traditional popsicle shapes. This means you can focus on your tricks so you can land on your feet more often.


  • SHAPE: True Twin, Asymmetric
  • BEND: Lib Tech C3 Camber
  • FLEX: 5/10
  • CORE: Asym-Core - Aspen/Paulownia I/II: Sustainably harvested
  • FIBERGLASS: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax
  • BASE: Eco-Sublimated Sintered Base, Eco Sublimated Poly topsheet
  • UHMW Sidewalls, Lib Tech Magne-traction, 

Category: Gnu Snowboards

Type: Snowboards