GNU Fun Guy

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GNU FUN GÜY. Nico’s playful new volume shifted, somewhat short, wide, poppy, floaty 154 is designed to unravel some of winters mountain mysteries and tap into the powerful healthy healing powers of creativity, laughter, joy, happiness, adrenalin, accomplishment and satisfaction. Stay, young, fun and free with a steady diet of pow pillows, fluffy banks, bumps steeps and deeps!

  • Shorter and wider with lots of planing surface
  • Big floaty nose
  • Lively, poppy C3 camber
  • FLEX: 7/10 (1-Soft, 10-Stiff)
  • CORE: Balsa/Aspen/Paullownia
  • FIBERGLASS: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Bio Fiber Dampener
  • BASE: Sintered
  • TOPSHEET: Eco-Sublimated Bio Beans

Category: Gnu Snowboards

Type: Snowboards

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