Burton Chopper Ltd Marvel

The Burton Kids' Chopper Snowboard is so easy and fun to ride that your kid will feel like a superhero on the slopes when he or she straps in. This forgiving board disproves the notion that kids should start out on skis before snowboarding. No crossed planks, no sharp edges, no pesky poles—just a soft flex and catch-free design that makes it easy to go from falling leaf to linking turns in no time.

The mostly flat profile is stable, and rockered tips and a super-soft flex make turn initiation practically effortless. Add to that an Easy Rider convex base that lifts the contact points off the snow, and it's nearly impossible to catch an edge on this thing. That means less time sitting on the slopes and more time perfecting shred skills. It also has a twin shape so your kid can experiment with goofy and regular and figure out which works best for him or her instead of having some ski instructor make the decision. When it comes to making learning to ride fun and easy, the Chopper Marvel is a real hero.

  • Flat profile with rockered tips
  • Easy Rider convex base
  • Twin shape
  • Soft flex
  • Biax fiberglass
  • Super Fly core
  • Extruded base

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